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Breaking News:Atlas Vanlines Releases Results of 2019 Corporate Relocation Survey

Every year since 1968 Atlas Vanlines conducts a comprehensive survey of corporate relocation decision makers. This year, 444 respondents completed online questionnaires between January 15 and February 22. Each respondent has responsibility for relocation and is employed by a company that has either relocated employees during the past two years or plans to relocate employees this year.

This year’s survey yields a treasure trove of information certain to uncover the trends and offer clear understanding to the evolving challenges in corporate relocation. In general, 2018 was another positive year for the relocation industry; roughly nine out of ten organizations indicate both volumes and budgets either held steady or increased.

Tax Reform Policy Changes

Most firms, across sizes, implemented policy changes last year in response to the tax
law and its elimination of the deduction for moving expenses. A majority plan to do so
again in 2019. While the most common change was to gross-up taxable relocation
benefits, firms put many other methods in play to manage costs and protect
employees against negative financial impacts.

Below are some keys findings from the survey along with a link to the complete survey results.

  • For the past eight years, the key external factor affecting relocation volumes has been the lack of qualified local talent.
  • Family issues/ties has taken the top spot among reasons for declined relocations, while spouse/partner employment has held second place.
  • Over the last five years, the majority of firms have used candidate assessments to support relocations.
  • For the fifth year in a row roughly six in ten firms indicate spousal/partner employment “almost always” or “frequently” affects relocations.

The Atlas Vanlines Corporate #Relocation Survey contains  a tremendous amount of useful relocation information presented in an easy to read format.  For a complete copy of the survey results please click on the link below:

52nd Annual Atlas Corporate Relocation Survey

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Relocation Trends

Atlas Van Lines recently released their ‘2011 Migration Trends’ reports.  According to this new report, Southwestern and Mid-Atlantic states were popular destinations in 2011.  Historical data suggests this trend in relocation is likely related to retirement and weather preferences. Retirees are attracted to states with temperate climates, affordable costs of living, good health care and pretty scenery.

The Midwest continued to lose residents in 2011, but the data shows Michigan became a balanced state after six consecutive years of steady outbound moves (yeah).  Continue reading