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Breaking News: Atlas Vanlines Releases 2018 Corporate Relocation Survey Results

Relocation America International, as a partner of Atlas Vanlines, is pleased to announce the results of the relocation industry’s first and longest-running survey into corporate relocation policy and practice.

For this year’s edition a total of 435 individuals responsible for relocation as part of their professional duties took part in the survey.  Among the topics discussed in the survey were  relocation initiation volume, budgets and recent tax reform legislation and its effect on relocation policies.  Below are some keys findings from the survey along with information on how you can obtain a complete copy of the survey results.

2018 Corporate Relocation Key Findings:

  • The majority of organizations (74%), regardless of size, have plans to implement policy changes in response to recent passage of the U.S. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Among organizations planning policy changes in 2018, the most popular planned change across organizations  was to gross-up taxable relocation benefits.


  • The top factor affecting relocation last year was a lack of local talent.

  • Family concerns held the top spot among reasons why relocations were declined by employees, with spouse/partner employment in second place over the same period.

  • Even though most organizations reported improved financial performance, cost containment remains near historical highs. Even as firms expect increases in relocation costs, controlling the impact remains a priority.

  • More than two-thirds of companies outsourced relocation services last year.

  • Over the last few years, many organizations have used candidate assessments to support successful relocations. This year, nearly two-thirds of organizations assess candidates prior to relocation, down slightly from around three-fourths over the past three years, but maintaining a marked increase over the roughly half of firms that performed vetting from 2012 to 2014.

  • As lump-sum usage has grown, the survey incorporated additional questions about monetary ranges for the categories of reimbursement. Compared to the past five years, most offerings are more frequent and generous than in 2013 and on par with 2014, despite some dips below ranges reached in 2015. The overall median ranges are the highest in five years for: household goods shipping/storage, entire relocation cost, temporary housing, and miscellaneous expense allowance. However, offerings for real estate assistance/transactions, rental assistance/transactions and travel expenses fall one range lower.

The Atlas Vanlines Corporate Relocation Survey is a treasure trove of useful relocation information presented in a clean and easy to read format.  For a complete copy of the survey results please contact Relocation America International by completing the online form below:

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Breaking News: Atlas Vanlines Releases 2015 Corporate Relocation Survey


According to one of the nation’s leading movers, Atlas Van Lines, the past year was one of increased corporate relocations. In response to the 48th Annual Corporate Relocation Survey, 49 percent of firms saw relocation volumes increase in 2014 and roughly half expect volumes to increase further overall and internationally in 2015.

“We’re thrilled to see our longest running industry survey results identify increased relocation volume and budgets,” said Jack Griffin, president and COO of Atlas World Group. “Our human resource and mobility peers expect corporate relocations to increase throughout the remainder of 2015, and we look forward to working alongside them to identify key insights that will continue to assist them in their profession.”

2015 Survey Fast Facts:

  • On average, companies relocated 50-99 employees in 2014.
  • The greatest growth in relocation occurred at international firms with more than half reporting increases in both overall volumes and budgets.
  • Company growth and lack of local talent tied for the top factors that impacted relocation volumes in 2014. However, these are nearly equal in weight to economic conditions (38 percent) as well.
  • The real estate market’s impact on relocation is now at its lowest level since measurement began in 2007 (22 percent) at 21 percent.
  • Fifty-nine percent of firms saw employees decline relocation.
  • Roughly twice as many firms are using lumps sums to cover real estate assistance/transactions (28 percent vs. 11 percent+) or rental assistance transactions (32 percent vs. 16 percent+) than in the previous four years on average. At the same time, use of lump sums to cover miscellaneous allowances has dropped significantly (40 percent vs. 53 percent+).

For complete survey results click here:   2015 Relocation Survey

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Atlas Van Lines Launches 2013 Corporate Relocation Survey

survey2One of the nation’s leading movers, Atlas Van Lines, announced that its 46th Annual Corporate Relocation Survey is now open to human resources personnel and relocation/mobility services professionals. Following the closing of the survey, Atlas experts will analyze the survey data for trends, 2013 projections and year-to-year comparisons.  The industry’s longest running survey, Atlas’ Corporate Relocation Survey extensively covers a variety of mobility topics. Survey sections covering domestic and international relocation include:

    •     Relocation Volume and Budgets,
    •     Factors Impacting Relocations,
    •     Policy Administration,
    •     Relocation Costs,
    •     Employee, Spousal and Assistance Issues,
    •     Supplier Management, and
    •     Corporate/Respondent Profile.

The Annual Survey targets corporate relocation professionals to generate industry insight into yearly volume and budget expectations, policy benchmarking and more for international and domestic relocations.  To view and complete the survey, visit