How to Ship Your Valuable Collection

A collection is a source of pride, the result of hours of research, price checking, purchasing and protecting the items that are uniquely attractive to you. And whether you collect baseball cards, vintage jewelry, pinball machines, fine art or something else entirely, this personal and financial investment is especially important.

When it comes time to move from your current home to a new one, the last thing you want to do is see your collection lost, damaged or otherwise impacted by the process. The good news is there are plenty of ways to keep your collection safe as you start to plan your move and while in transit.

Start thinking about how much space you have in your car or the small trailer you’ll bring along on the move. If your collection doesn’t take up much space, you might be able to simply bring it with you.

Similarly, the distance you plan to cover during your move can have a major impact on the feasibility of transporting your collection. If you’re moving from one end of your city to another, your stacks of records are likely worth a few extra trips back and forth to your new home from your old one. But if your new home is hundreds or thousands of miles away, you likely won’t have that luxury. In these cases, you’ll need to start considering how the dependable movers and packers you plan to work with can help.

Whether you can handle this part of the move on your own or you need help from professionals, these are a few steps you should take early on:

  • Make an inventory of all the items in your collection. This will help you ensure everything is accounted for before moving day and make the unpacking process, and getting back to enjoying your collection, that much easier.
  • Look into the specifics of safely transporting your collection. If you’re active in a collecting community, you can likely find advice from the message boards or social networks you use. You can also reach out to retailers you’ve worked with in the past for guidance. Make sure you share this information with your movers before they pack up the truck and head out.

How professional movers and packers can help you move your collection

Trustworthy, experienced movers and packers have experience securely packaging and transporting items ranging from extremely common to rare and unique. We have a dedicated, carefully crafted process for moving antiques and collectibles, along with many other high-value items. Your movers and packers can draw on their past work to devise a comprehensive plan for transporting it.

Source:  Atlas Vanlines

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