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Transferee and Client Surveys: Your Secret Weapon

The purpose of any quality service questionnaire is to not only discover how satisfied your clients are with the level of service provide, but to also discover new and exciting ways to improve client service and quality. Questionnaires are an accurate method of measuring supply chain performance which is critical to the success of any relocation management company.

Studies have shown that companies with the best client satisfaction have one thing in common; they all really care about their clients and allot resources to ensure they have a top quality customer feedback questionnaire.

Here are some key tips to remember when managing quality assurance as it relates to transferee surveys:

The response rate:

For a transferee survey campaign to provide a solid return on investment, you should always strive for as high a response rate from your respondent transferees as possible. The lower the return rate, the less reliable your results are due to non-response bias. After all, how can you accurately boast over the top service if your clients are not actively saying you are? Among the most common reasons for achieving a low return rate are:

  • Poor follow-up
  • Irrelevant questions
  • Delay in timely survey submission

Keep it short and simple

Refrain from inundating your clients with so many questions that are irrelevant and waste their valuable time. Any industry that delivers a service has some sort of survey they inevitably ask their customer to complete. As a result, the importance of asking a focused set of questions which more fully help to benchmark your performance is critical. Try to limit your questionnaire to between 5 and 7 questions. Keep in mind that every question should serve a purpose. Here is a small sampling of critical questions that should be asked on a quality service questionnaire:

  • How happy are you with the speed and efficiency at which we are able to respond to your requests?
  • How happy are you with our attention to detail and the professionalism of your consultant?
  • How would you rate your overall experience with our services?
  • How would you rate your most current relocation as compared to past relocations?
  • How would you rate the following service partners (temp living. vanline etc.)?

Offer pre-selected answers for your questions

As part of the short and simple approach we recommended earlier, offer pre-selected answers rather than relying on clients to provide long form answers to survey questions. This approach makes it easy for your clients to fill out the questionnaire quickly, which means a level of convenience for your clients that in turn will drive more responses.

It is important once all the survey data has been collected and analyzed to try to learn from the answers and to change your service respectively. By comparing survey results over time, service providers can learn important trends about performance—both good and bad– and make appropriate adjustments.

About Relocation America International

Relocation America International is a full service relocation management company headquartered in Southfield, Michigan dedicated to providing innovative relocation services, value-added support, and superior customer service to clients relocating families domestically and globally. Visit for more information.

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