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It’s Summertime in the Relocation Industry!

The time period between Memorial and Labor Day is typically the busiest time of year in the relocation industry.  The main reasons for the increase in relocations are children and the housing market in general.  Families with school-age children prefer not to move during the school year and attempt to manage their relocation around the school year timeframe.  Additionally, the housing market is typically more active in the summer which can translate into a higher realized sales price for a transferring employee’s home.

Household goods shipments have become more challenging the past few years due to a shortage of drivers and shipping capacity.   Prior to booking shipping dates, a pre-move survey of the items you plan to take will need to be accomplished.  The best advice we can give anyone looking to make a move in the summer is to plan early and make sure the pre-move survey is completed well in advance of your anticipated shipping date.  Fortunately for our clients, Relocation America International maintains preferred direct billing relationships with many of the industry’s top ranked shipping companies which make booking a move in summer months more cost effective and streamlined.  A previous blog post concerning the challenges the household goods moving industry is having as it struggles to meet demand in a recovering economy is well worth a review.  The post can be viewed by clicking here:

Household Goods Moving Industry Struggles to Meet Demand

The corporate temporary housing market can also be a cause for concern during the busy summer relocation season.  According to a recent CHPA report, relocation continues to be the main reason people utilize corporate temporary housing.  As a result, the demand for affordable, comfortable, and convenient options to provide to a relocation employee and family is at a premium.  As relocation volumes spike, the demand for corporate temporary housing often translates into fewer available options for lodging along with a measurable increase in rates and very little, if any, time to review available options.  Often times mobility consultants are told “we need an answer in the next couple of hours if we’re to secure this option”.  With a strong national and local network of corporate housing providers, Relocation America International provides the greatest selection of furnished corporate housing options to meet the demands of our mobile workforce.  Careful planning and sufficient notice can produce a stress free relocation during the busy moving season.    We at Relocation America International are here to help!  Please review the benefits of using Relocation America International for your relocation needs at:

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