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Breaking News: Atlas Vanlines Releases 2017 Corporate Relocation Survey Results

Having just returned from attending the 2017 Atlas Corporate Forum on Moving and Relocation we’re pleased to be able to release the results of this year’s Atlas Corporate Relocation Survey.

Invited via email, 471 relocation decision-makers completed the Atlas Vanlines relocation survey between January 13 and February 23 of this year. Each respondent invited has responsibility for relocation and is employed by a company that has either relocated employees during the past two years or plans to relocate employees this year.  Below are some keys findings from the survey along with a link to the complete survey results.

2017 Corporate Relocation Survey Fast Facts:

  • In 2016, half of companies across company size saw
    increases in volume, mid-size firms (51%) more so than others.
    Roughly half of firms relocating people internationally, regardless of
    size, saw volumes increase as well. Few firms saw volume decreases
    overall; however, 18% of large firms noted a decline.
  • The top three factors affecting relocation last year were: lack of local
    talent (44%); expansion efforts (43%); and company growth (41%).
  • Housing/mortgage concerns as a reason for declining relocation has
    fallen the last four years. It is now within pre-recession levels for the
    second time since 2007—and for the first time across company size.
  • Nearly two-thirds of firms saw employees decline relocation last
    year, which is not unexpected, but at the high end historically. While
    increased employee reluctance (20%) remains slightly below the
    peaks of 2008 (28%), 2009 (29%), and 2014 (28%), it remains above
    typical post-recession levels (11%-18%) of recent years. This suggests
    firms trying to motivate employees to relocate are feeling continued
    pressure from such factors as family issues/ties and spousal/partner

For a complete copy of all the survey results click here: Atlas 2017 Relocation Survey

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