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Relocation America International Recognizes ReloQuest™ Technology as Critical to Growth and High Level of Client Service

indexRelocation America International becomes ReloQuest LLC client, recognizing ReloQuest™ Technology as critical to growth and high level of client service. Technology is no longer a supplementary corporate function; it is a primary method essential to business growth.

Designed and supported by industry professionals, comprehensive ReloQuest™ is a cloud-based, award-winning technology platform that streamlines the complex process of sourcing options for Temporary Furnished Accommodations and Serviced Apartments.  With a reported 75% increase in efficiency and cost savings of up to 30%, ReloQuest saves time and money, while reducing errors and increasing communication flow; 25 billion is spent annually on corporate relocation in the United States.

The technology centralizes data so mobility professionals can access it anywhere and it can be easily managed on a variety of mobile configurations. The ReloQuest™ data sharing technology provides a quick and simple evaluation of options, custom reports, an API data feed, and a host of other benefits, so mobility managers and service providers can access essential information necessary to produce a successful mobility experience.

Brad Hamelin, Director of Global Solutions for Relocation America International said, “ReloQuest™ is a disruptive technology, providing simplicity and cost savings to the procurement of furnished temporary housing. We are excited to be an early adopter of this groundbreaking technology, recognizing the tremendous impact it will have on both service levels, and the overall reduction of cost for our clients’ mobility programs.”

About Relocation America International: Relocation America is a full-service relocation management company headquartered in Southfield, Michigan and known for an unwavering commitment to providing the highest levels of client service and customized global mobility solutions, value-added support, and superior customer service to their clients. RAI passion and high-touch client care results in exceptional service delivery through their single point of contact service delivery model, which reduces costs, raises service levels and allows for quick and easy information flow from transferring employee to client contact.

Visit for more information about their services or contact Relocation America International at


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