5 Ways to Make Your Short-Term Rental Feel Like Home

indexNo matter how nomadic your lifestyle may be, there’s no place like home. Most people will agree that they are at their most comfortable when they’re immersed in a familiar environment, surrounded by a few of their favorite things.

But sometimes, we’re required to live in short-term housing for work. Whether you’re in town for a few months on assignment, or a traveling nurse jetting off to your next adventure, it is possible to make your temporary living quarters feel less like a rental and more like a home.

Here are five inexpensive and inventive ways to do just that.

1) All in the family.

Even if you don’t bring many, we can guarantee you’ll be toting around a couple photographs. Print out pictures from your phone, and put them anywhere. Hanging smiling portraits on the wall or fridge of your short-term rental can help impart a level of comfort and warmth. Don’t feel obligated to hang up every single photo (that could get creepy…and expensive); stick to the really special ones.

2) Your nose knows.

The sense of smell is linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. That’s why it’s easy to trick your brain into relaxing and feeling more at home with the use of room spray, a candle, or diffuser. Not to mention, candles are relatively inexpensive. Stock up on a couple of soy candles the next time you’re out running errands, and you’ll be one step closer to personalizing your short-term rental.

3) Decorate, temporarily.

Remember the days of wallpaper? What was once a postwar, oft-pastel miracle is now an obsolete décor trend. In wallpaper’s place, however, is temporary wall art, which has grown in popularity over the past few years. Companies such as Blik and Wallies offer affordable, self-adhesive wall and surface graphics that can instantly liven up a white wall.

4) Go green. 

House plants have come back into fashion. These days, you can spruce up your apartment without making it feel like a dorm room circa 1977. From kitchen herb gardens to cacti and succulents, there are plenty of low-maintenance options. And what’s more, recent research shows that interior plants contribute to productivity and reduce carbon dioxide, pollutants, and airborne dust levels.

5) Liven up. 

The little things count. So make sure you pack some personal belongings to make your temporary home feel just like that—a home. From books and movies, to pillows and coffee mugs, keeping these objects close can help us stay connected to happy memories. Pick five personal belongings, and be sure to bring them along.

Source: Travelers Haven

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