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Global Mobility and Immigration Updates from the ASE 2015 Global HR Conference

UntitledDave Foess, VP of Global Business Development for Relocation America International, was in attendance for this year’s American Society of Employers Global HR Conference held at the University of Michigan campus in Dearborn, Michigan on August 18th.

The event titled “Putting the Expatriate Mobility Package Together” was sponsored by Deloitte and centered on global compensation and mobility from the HR side of the equation. A number of pertinent topics were examined in great depth including global immigration trends, international employment law, and expatriate mobility packages.

Current Global Immigration and Mobility Trends

Most companies today are focused on the rapid deployment of talent, attracting top talent, compliance, and minimization of negative publicity. Other current global immigration trends identified during the conference include:

  • Short term assignments comprise most employment-based immigration compliance violations
  • Financial exposure to companies is increasing due to the large volume of employees on assignments. The continued increase in offshoring and cross border joint ventures is cited as a main reason why expatriate assignments are increasing.
  • With increased focus on security, there continues to be an impact on immigration processing the “on arrival” experience for international travelers.
  • Global companies continue to promote short-term assignments to avoid overhead and tax costs associated with long-term assignments.

Unstable political environments, including tensions and current events, continue to impact visa processing and mobility of global talent.  Where high unemployment continues to be a concern, compliance and worksite enforcement efforts remain focused on protecting local workforces.

Other factors continuing to impact global mobility include

  • Family issues
  • Dual-career issues
  • Career progression
  • Working remotely
  • Personal safety
  • Increased technology
  • Cost containment directives
  • Diversity issues

Overall the conference offered a great opportunity to network with top HR professionals and gain knowledge about those issues which are impacting both global immigration and global mobility. For more information regarding current global immigration trends  examined and discussed at the American Society of Employers Global HR Conference, click on the following link:

Global Immigration Trends





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