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Happy 30th Anniversary Relocation America International!

imagesHello everyone!  This year marks the 30th anniversary of Relocation America International.  From our humble beginnings as a domestic destination services provider, RAI has grown and evolved into a global provider of both domestic and international mobility services. One thing however has remained constant in our 30 years and that is our commitment to providing the highest levels of client and transferee service found anywhere in the relocation industry.

Relocation is our business.  For three decades our experienced staff of consultants has successfully assisted in relocating thousands of families nationwide and around the globe.  It is our belief that the relocation industry is one of service and not of size and that each transfer requires individual attention and that delivery of service above and beyond the ordinary is the reason for our longevity.

That’s why we’re more excited about the next 30 years than the last 30.  As we look ahead there is no doubt the business of delivering mobility services will change, one this that will not is our commitment to our clients.  Thank you again

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