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Breaking News: Atlas Vanlines Releases 2015 Corporate Relocation Survey


According to one of the nation’s leading movers, Atlas Van Lines, the past year was one of increased corporate relocations. In response to the 48th Annual Corporate Relocation Survey, 49 percent of firms saw relocation volumes increase in 2014 and roughly half expect volumes to increase further overall and internationally in 2015.

“We’re thrilled to see our longest running industry survey results identify increased relocation volume and budgets,” said Jack Griffin, president and COO of Atlas World Group. “Our human resource and mobility peers expect corporate relocations to increase throughout the remainder of 2015, and we look forward to working alongside them to identify key insights that will continue to assist them in their profession.”

2015 Survey Fast Facts:

  • On average, companies relocated 50-99 employees in 2014.
  • The greatest growth in relocation occurred at international firms with more than half reporting increases in both overall volumes and budgets.
  • Company growth and lack of local talent tied for the top factors that impacted relocation volumes in 2014. However, these are nearly equal in weight to economic conditions (38 percent) as well.
  • The real estate market’s impact on relocation is now at its lowest level since measurement began in 2007 (22 percent) at 21 percent.
  • Fifty-nine percent of firms saw employees decline relocation.
  • Roughly twice as many firms are using lumps sums to cover real estate assistance/transactions (28 percent vs. 11 percent+) or rental assistance transactions (32 percent vs. 16 percent+) than in the previous four years on average. At the same time, use of lump sums to cover miscellaneous allowances has dropped significantly (40 percent vs. 53 percent+).

For complete survey results click here:   2015 Relocation Survey

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