A Temporary Furnished Housing Comparison

imagesRelocation can come with many stressors. While the excitement of a promotion and the ability to re-invent yourself in a new location can be an added incentive, how do you make the transition to this new life as seamless as possible? Where to stay temporarily while you are searching for a new, permanent place to hang your hat can alleviate or contribute to the chaos of your move. Is a corporate housing option your best bet or would an extended stay hotel better fit your needs?

Assessing what is most important to you and your family is a good place to start. Is a full-breakfast and dinner your number one must-have? Washing your clothes without leaving your room a pre-req? Having a space for Fido or Fluffy a definite? Are you living out of your suitcase for a few days or a few months? Taking your requirements into consideration will make the decision easier for you.

Corporate Housing units typically offer the following amenities that you won’t see in an extended stay facility:

  • Washer/Dryer in unit
  • Close proximity to city centers
  • Ability to accommodate longer (30-day+) stays
  • More square footage than an extended stay option
  • 20% lower cost than extended stay
  • Fully-furnished accommodations (full-sized kitchens, housewares, paid utilities)
  • Weekly/bi-weekly housekeeping
  • Private mail service

While extended stay hotels do offer some services you would see in a corporate unit, they can also provide some other attractive options:

No minimum length of stay (and better for a one to two-week timeframe)

  • Daily breakfast buffet (and sometimes dinner options) as well as grocery service (typically free)
  • Daily housekeeping
  • 24-hour reception service
  • Laundry service and/or washer/dryer on-site (but, typically not in unit)
  • Proximity to many suburban, not city, centers

Both options will typically give a temporarily nomadic employee and family free, high-speed internet capabilities, fitness/workout rooms (albeit on a smaller scale in extended stay hotels), and pet accommodations (be advised there may be breed and weight restrictions at both types of housing facilities).

Communicating your specific and must-have needs to your relocation coordinator will help facilitate the move and make the decision of corporate or temporary housing an easy one for you and your family!




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