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2014 Corporate Relocation Benchmarking Survey

untitledThis survey was conducted February 12, 2014 during the Corporate Benchmarking Session at the Global Workforce Summit: Talent Mobility in EMEA, London. Twenty-five organizations responded.

The results of the survey pointed to a sharp increase in the number of commuter assignments with 35 percent of respondents noting a modest to significant increase over their 2012 numbers. Slightly more than half of companies report the number remained the same in 2013, while only 13 percent reported a decrease.  While the number of commuters appears to be on the rise, only 28 percent of firms report having a formal policy in place for these employees.

Nearly 50 HR/mobility professionals responded to the survey examining issues including talent management, mobility policy and practices as well as the challenges faced when moving employees into the various regions in EMEA.   The results of the survey have now been published and can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

2014 EMEA Corporate Benchmarking Survey

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