Intercultural Tools for Expats

ICL_GRAPHIC_2As members of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council we at Relocation America can certainly attest to the many benefits of membership.

Benefits of membership include an annual subscription to MOBILITY magazine, access to an extensive library of Learning Zone Sessions (designed to deliver a quick 30 minutes of information-packed industry know-how) and access to their online library of resources housing research reports and benchmarking data on just about every relocation related topic to you can think of. 

On a global scale, Worldwide ERC also provides intercultural tools as a benefit of ERC membership.  Many of these can be accessed at

The GlobeSmart web tool provides instant access to knowledge on how to conduct business effectively with people from over 65 countries. Developed from extensive research and interviews with business people from each country, GlobeSmart contains information on business skills, culture/customs, travel and general information.  A key component of GlobeSmart is the GlobeSmart Assessment Profile (GAP). The GAP provides specific advice, based on your preferred work-style, to bridge gaps and leverage differences with other cultures and colleagues.

CultureCompass allows users to compare their own personal cultural work orientations with over 150 countries and instantly receive a customized set of best practices, tips, and strategies for bridging any cultural differences. The tool provides important country-specific cultural do’s and don’ts, rich country background information for over 150 countries, and a fun self-testing section where users can test their ability to apply their new skills for greater global business success.

The Global Leadership Development Tool (GLDT) was designed as a self-reflective opportunity for international assignees to think about their management behaviors in a global leadership context.  The tool, based on academic research, provides users with a measure of their readiness and helps them develop a plan to develop their global leadership skills. As the Mobility industry evolves and integrates with Talent Management, defining and developing global leadership skills becomes ever more critical for international assignees and their organizations.

The aforementioned tools are designed to assist employees in assessing and identifying their cross-cultural competencies as they interact with others while working and living abroad. It is possible to reduce the stress associated with moving abroad and integrating into your new life; these tools will show you how.

For more information on this topic or to become a member of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council head over to

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