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Top Blog Posts of 2013

Well we’re almost through 2013 and what better way to celebrate, reflect, and/or refresh than with a roundup of theimages top 5 posts from the The Relocation Review. Here they are in no particular order: 

Relocation Tax Gross Up 101

This post discussed the fundamentals of tax gross up along with different methods of grossing up relocation expenses and why it is a necessary part of employee relocation benefit plans.

Report on Assistance Provided to Expats on Assignment

This post provided a summary and discussion of the Worldwide ERC study, Support and Retention Strategies for Cross Border Assignments.  Key data derived from the study showed that 81% of corporations do not do an assessment of suitability for an international assignment prior to sending employees abroad.  It also showed that for as many firms that provide extensive support and counseling to transferring families there are many firms not offering families assistance while on international assignments.

Relocation Policy Predictions for 2013 and Beyond

This post gave us relocation policy predictions for 2013 and beyond.  HR industry veteran Joseph Pernaselli in surveying his large and diverse client base was able to determine where he thinks we’re headed both on the domestic and international mobility fronts.

Tiered Relocation Policies

A major trend in relocation policy development is tiering, which sets different levels of benefits for specified groups of employees.  This post illustrated why many companies have turned to tiering to cut costs and provide flexibility for hiring managers.

Relocation Assistance: 2013 U.S. Domestic Transferred Employees Survey

The U.S. Domestic Transferred Employees survey is conducted every four years to gauge how organizations are responding to challenges in relocating employees throughout the U.S.  This post offered the results of the survey which is an in-depth analysis of the current trends in the relocation assistance provided to current employees transferred domestically within the United States.

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