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Household Goods Moving Industry Struggles to Meet Demand

truckingTrucking companies in Michigan and across the country are aggressively pursuing new drivers as the household goods moving industry struggles with high turnover rates, tighter driving regulations and increased demand to ship cargo.

As the peak summer moving season draws to a close more transferring families are anxious to book their moves and secure preferred dates. In the past this was a fairly easy endeavor however as this article from the Detroit News suggests it is becoming increasingly difficult due to a shortage of quality moving personnel, specifically drivers.

Bob Costello, a chief economist with the American Trucking Association, said the driver shortage began after 2009 and is a multifaceted problem. Compounding the problems is growing national demand to ship more goods by truck, according to the Department of Transportation.

With a national turnover rate above 90 percent, an abundance of drivers reaching retirement age and a law enacted this summer limiting the amount of time on the road to just 70 hours a week (down from 82), many companies are scrambling to hire. What we’ve noticed here at Relocation America is an increasing level of difficulty in scheduling last minute moves to accommodate transferees that must be there in a couple of weeks. Blackout dates for July in some cases were being given in mid June! This speaks to a capacity shortage that many van lines are running into.

To ensure preferred moving dates are accommodated and to limit delays in the shipping process we’ve been counseling our clients and transferees on the need to initiate the relocation process as early as possible and to schedule their household goods move as early as possible to ensure availability.

From The Detroit News:

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