Moving During the Holidays

Sometimes it is unavoidable.  You’ve accepted a position in a new city or state and must move at holiday time.  Christmas is a special time of the year when friends and family gather to spend the holidays together.  Probably the hardest part about relocating during the holidays is having to leave cherished friends and family behind.  If it becomes necessary for you and your family to vacate your home prior to Christmas and you are this year’s designated dinner host it might be a good idea to ask another family member or friend to take over.  This way you and your family can focus on getting ready for your upcoming move and also enjoy holiday activities/parties without the added stress.  The season’s gatherings could also prove to be a wonderful opportunity to say goodbye to everyone.

One thing to remember is to pay close attention to your children.  For them a move can be a traumatic experience especially if it occurs around Christmas.  Take time to talk to them about their worries, such as whether or not Santa will know your new home address. Involve children in the planning as much as possible. It makes them feel like participants in the moving process or in the search for a new school. This can help make the change feel less like its being forced on them.

Once you’ve actually made your final move to the new location put up your Christmas tree as soon as possible.  Whether your tree is real or artificial, having your ornaments and Christmas stockings hung might help to alleviate any feelings of homesickness you might have and allow you and your family to begin creating new holiday traditions.  As soon as you’re settled, try to get to know your new neighbors by baking them some cookies or dropping a Christmas card in their mailbox with your contact information. If you have children, volunteer at their new school holiday parties or at holiday events around town.

Relocating around holiday time can present many challenges but it’s important to keep things in perspective.  Next year you will have the opportunity to enjoy new traditions with your family and new and old friends. You might even surprise yourself and find your family has grown closer having gone thru the challenges of relocation together.

Author: reloamerica

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