Relocation America Sails with the DRRC

Relocation America recently participated in this year’s annual Sail with the DRRC (Detroit Regional Relocation Council). The two-hour cruise on the sparkling waters of the Detroit River, the world’s busiest international waterway, departed from the Stroh’s River Place Dock in Detroit. 

Recognized as a regional group by Worldwide ERC™ , the Detroit Regional Relocation Council is a professional organization providing a forum for sharing the latest information and resources available in the corporate mobility arena.

Jeanette Pierce, co-founder/Director Inside Detroit

Passengers were treated to a one hour presentation and lunch aboard the Diamond Jack Sightseeing Charter.

With the majestic Ambassador Bridge as our backdrop our featured speaker, Jeanette Pierce, co-founder/Director Inside Detroit, provided an energizing presentation on the history & future of Detroit.

Those of us that work and play in the city of Detroit are familiar with it’s many gems and know what a wonderfully unique place it is.  Jeanette however, was able to present to the group new information concerning recent economic development in Detroit.

Known for putting America on wheels for the past 100 years, Detroit is rapidly being remodeled as the next Silicon Valley with many tech start ups planting roots in the city.  In fact Detroit recently beat Silicon Valley in opening the first ever patent office outside of Washington, D.C.

Thanks to our sponsors, members and guests for making this years Sail with the DRRC  a wonderful success! We are eagerly looking forward to next year’s event.

Brad Hamelin
Director of Global Solutions
Relocation America

For information regarding future DRRC events click here.

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