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5 Customer Service Tips to Set You Apart

Unfortunately, in most businesses, customers have come to expect poor service.  That is a good thing for companies like Relocation America that are pro-active and use their high level of customer service as a tool for attracting and keeping clients.  Here are some tips to implement and remind your company of daily to help concentrate on providing great service. 


While marketing materials can promote your business, the real test comes with the first connection.  If you are not coming across as a friendly voice to your clients and transferees the chances of getting to the next level of a business relationship and/or exceeding their expectations is greatly diminished.


The inability to pick up the phone and deliver news whether it be good or bad  can tarnish any business relationship.  The reality is that the quicker you communicate with a client, the better for everyone involved.  The stress of having to make the call is eliminated, a sense of belief that you can be trusted is developed and your ability to build on your actions as a good and trusted partner in their success is started.  Often times, simply communicating reduces the sting of bad news.


To be a great listener, you have to be willing to engage in active listening.  Really pay attention.  Sometimes, a customer does not want a response from you and they certainly do not want an explanation.  What they want is to know that you will be quiet and let them voice their concern or frustration.  They want to know that you understand that they may not always be right, but they are always the customer!  Learning to respond correctly is another learned skill but with a little empathy and a willingness to let a customer speak fully and completely before trying to solve their problem, will go a long way in learning how to help.

Exceed Expectations

Always exceed expectations! It takes effort to actually do what you say you are going to do.  If you do not mean what you are saying or are not capable of actually complying with what you are saying – DO NOT SAY IT!  What if you simply did a little more than the customer expected?  How far would that go in helping you make a positive impression?  In today’s business environment, with so much competition out there, you really need to set yourself apart from the pack.  It’s vital that you get everyone in your organization on board to achieve this standard whether you are a tiny company or have a lot of employees. People have gotten so used to receiving “OK” or “good enough”, that they will always remember this type of service. Go the extra mile. It will pay big dividends.


You would be surprised at how easy it is to determine your mood over the phone.  A client can hear your smile or your frown or your smirk or general lack of interest or your undeniable enthusiasm.  Your mood and your words should match.  If you want a client or a potential customer to believe in you – especially from a distance, then you have to earn their trust.  Don’t fake it.  Simply make sure that your excitement and desire to work with that customer is matched by your words and your attitude.

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