2012 Corporate Relocation Survey

Atlas Vanlines just released the relocation industry’s longest running survey; their 2012 Corporate Relocation Survey. This is the 45th year the study has been conducted with invitations to participate in the survey being sent to selected relocation-related associations and human resource/relocation contacts.

The good news coming out of the survey is that nearly half of the companies surveyed indicate the number of employee relocations increased in 2011 over the previous year.  More than forty percent saw volumes remain the same compared to 2010  and only one out of ten saw relocations decrease last year.  Overall, only around a sixth or less of firms indicate relocations decreased among employee types due to economic/market pressures in 2011. The depressive impact of these factors has lessened significantly since 2008-2010, with the most pronounced improvements occurring for entry level/new hires and middle management employees, which were more impacted by the recession overall.

With the latest trends and information on policy administration, employee issues and factors impacting relocation, the survey contains a treasure trove of information. A copy of the survey can be accessed here.  It is certainly worth reading.

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