Google maps update

A recent update to Google Maps is putting an end to the inconvenient process of searching and re-searching for directions online.

In the past this scenario would play out frequently.  Your transferee is researching directions/destinations for his/her home finding trip.  They need to walk away from their computer for a time and when it comes time to actually heading out; the directions that were previously searched are gone.  What this means is having to search again for the places/directions and then remember which route was the preferred one.

Google is taking care of this behavior with its update. The update saves your most recent directions in the My Places tab. The tab also houses locations you’ve checked into or starred. You can access your directions across all the computers logged onto your Google account. The update is meant for places you may need to reference repeatedly or places you are planning to go to, such as a hotel or a new restaurant.

Maps will also save all the details you customized, for instance, if you’ve changed the route or chosen a specific mode of transportation.

The update is a small one, but could save your transferees some time/aggravation when taking a home finding trip

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