How Books Help Children Who are Moving

BR Anchor Publishing’s philosophy: “Every relocation should become a positive and enriching opportunity for the entire family.” A large part of this commitment revolves around helping children. Numerous papers have been written about how literature is an effective tool to educate and encourage children who are moving. Through books, children identify with story characters and can more constructively cope with stressful emotions and experiences such as a new school and neighborhood. Some of our research:

“Literature can be used as an effective tool to help children deal with emotional and social problems.”
Wei Tu in “Using Literature to Help Children Cope with Problems,” ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading English
and Communication. 

“Story characters who demonstrate successful coping strategies are excellent resources for children.”
Dr. Arlene M. Fulton in Helping Children to Cope:
Children and Moving

“Through books and stories, children cope more constructively with complex emotions and stressful experiences like starting school or moving to a new neighborhood.” Donna Warner Manczak, Ph.D., M.P.H.
in Using Books to Help Children Cope.

These references confirm that if children are encouraged
to express their feelings about a move, become involved in the process and learn about their new home, they will deal with their move much more effectively. Our books for children: My Family is Moving (children 5-8), The League of Super Movers (9-12 year olds) and Footsteps Around The World (teenagers) are gleaned from personal experience (19 moves) and extensive research. All three books contain age-appropriate activities, Internet sites and safety advice
for domestic and international moving.

Leaving friends, schools and favorite activities can be devastating for children, mainly because they only see what they are leaving-what they are giving up. Help them learn about their new location and give them a book to “walk” them through the move process.

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