Fast Pace Technology Changes the Real Estate Industry

Technology and information as we know it is changing the very nature of the real estate industry as well as the consumer culture in the very near future. It’s difficult to keep up with the tools millions are using today to lift their voices in electronic communities and create their own media. Social networks like Facebook and MySpace, video sites like YouTube, mini blog engines like Twitter—have all emerged in the last five years and all are nourished by users.

According to Sean Callahan with Rismedia, “There is a Google pot of gold that no one is claiming. When it comes to finding a niche to get in front of real estate buyers and sellers, there are very few to choose from. As we know, most real estate agents currently run print ads in local publications, input listings in their local MLS and try to pay for marketing to get their websites ranked in the search engines and set up accounts with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and others.”

Since over 80% of homes sales now began with a search on the Internet, it has never been more important to try to get exposure online in search engines. Read more.

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